Our company operates as a business and abides by the principles of privacy, coupled with our unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible practices. We recognize that innovations and new technological advancements can lead to changes regarding, the already existing dangers, our expectations and legislation changes and that is why we abide by privacy standards and actively try to timely adapt how we implement them in response to these changes.

This Policy of ours clearly defines our standards and attitude regarding the management and protection of your private information, which are submitted with each online order placement as well as for each order for distribution and delivery of our products to you.

All employees of the Company have substantial responsibilities regarding the protection of your privacy that must abide by.

Please make sure that before the completion and placement of your order you agree to our terms and conditions and that you are aware of the private information that is shared upon submission of your order.


Our principles and standards on privacy

1. Use of your private information happens for the sole purpose of an online order placement as well as for it’s’ delivery to you.

2. We do not process your private information in any unjust, illicit or opaque ways or purposes

3. We use your personal information only in accordance with the principles of Necessity and Transparency.

4. We hold on to your private information exact, whole, updated and only for the pre-agreed time period of thirty (30) days.

5. We incorporate safety valves in order to protect your personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure or destruction.

6. We process Personal information only when it complies with the requirements of the current legislation.

7. Where necessary, we will disclose Personal information upon legitimate requests from the Authorities, including requests related to national security or security authorities.

In the event of a conflict between this policy and existing legislation then the standard providing the most protection to our clients will be applied.



Cookies can be used to make it easier for visitors to browse the site and to facilitate an effective registration process. Cookies are text files that are placed on your hard drive by the server of a web page. The web browser is part of your computer. The web browser usually accepts cookies automatically but can be programmed to deny them. If you are concerned about cookies, we recommend that you change the web browser settings. Please note, however, that you may not be able to use all the features of the site with cookies disabled. If you visit our site to browse, read, or download information, we collect and store certain “visitor  information” from you, such as the domain name and provider through which you access the Internet, the IP address of the computer you are using, the date and time you have access to our website, and the web addresses of the websites through which you have been logged into our site. We use this information to measure traffic to our site and get help to make our site more useful. We delete this information after a certain amount of time. If you do not wish for us to collect this information then you should not visit our Websites.


Personal Data Security

We realized that we are charged with the responsibility to protect the information you provide us. As such our company utilizes a series of security techniques in order to protect your data, as well as servers and firewalls, furthermore we use those techniques to protect the encryption of the applications data and the communication between user and company.



This policy may be occasionally reviewed but always in accordance with the existing legislation. Whenever this Policy changes in a predetermined and not in a hurriedly fashion a notice will be posted on this Company’s website. Please keep track of these changes on and before each use of our site’s applications.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of your personal information, please contact us at info@inbreakfast.comand we will do our best to answer your concerns.

Date of validity 01/01/ 2020


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